Gitch's Funny Farm - "A little bit of everything farm"
Our main business is selling 8 week old feeder pigs to those who wish to raise their own pork for the freezer. We do also offer breeding stock by reservation. We maintain all of our own breeding stock & our herd is state certified disease free. Our sows have never seen a gestation stall or farrowing crate.
   Currently we have 2 pure bred boars. Our boars this year are a Poland China and a Duroc.
We have a few pure bred sows, but most are two way crosses.
    Even though we farrow year round, demand for quality piglets is high. So we urge you to book well in advance. Especially for spring piglets!
   Piglets are $110 each, they leave our farm ironed, wormed, and males are castrated. Please call or E-mail for availability.
   Our daughter loved farming so much she wanted to have her own business on our farm. She started raising rabbits at age 9. Now at the ripe old age of 20 she maintains a herd of 12 for breeding!
   A few of the breeds she has are Californian,  New Zealand, and Bevern. She can produce pure bred Californians, however, most of her rabbits are crosses.
   She sells her bunnies at 8 weeks old for $20  each. She also raises meat rabbits that she sells all ready for the freezer. We also process them for those who like them all ready for cooking!
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