Gitch's Funny Farm - "A little bit of everything farm"
                Naturally Raised Pork
Ground Pork- 90% Lean- $6.29lb
Cutlets(thin sliced,boneless)- $7.69lb
Chops(bone-in,center cut,2 per pkg)- $7.49lb      
Ribs: Country Style(boneless) 6.89lb
           Spare Ribs(half racks)- $6.19lb
Shoulder Roasts(boneless)- $6.89lb
Center Cut Loin Roasts(bone-in)- $7.49lb
Chine End (Sirloin) Roasts(bone-in)-$7.39lb
Tenderloin- $9.30lb
Smoked Hams(Maple cured,Hickory smoked)-Whole-$6.49lb
Bacon(Maple cured, Hickory smoked)-$9.50lb
Sausages:Bulk(ground,no casings)- Sweet or Hot Italian,
                                                        & Traditional Breakfast-$6.80lb
                            Links Chorizo- $8.00 lb            

                Naturally Raised Beef-Grain finished

Ground Beef- 90% Lean- $6.25lb

                             Other Products
Whole Rabbit- $5.79lb
Whole Chicken- $3.65 lb
Thanksgiving Turkeys- 2016 prices TBD


        Sorry,Product availability & prices are subject to change without notice
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